Missing in March?


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Hello, I hope you’re good? It’s been a minute, got quite busy plus the occurrence of writer’s block. I’ve attempted many drafts and just not finished. Different ideas travelled up North to my mind but I haven’t been able to see any of them through to completion, until now.

January and February were good in terms of blogging goals but March, well not so much. Unfortunately, I won’t just scribble some words to meet up with my monthly writing goals. But yay! It’s all good now, since you’re reading this.

Has this happened to you? You make plans and somewhere along, fall on your face or get tired. And it’s tempting to stop, when you’ve started falling short- eating unhealthy, missing gym days or whatever, but continuous movement is better than no movement even if you’re not moving as fast as you’d like to.

continuous movement is better than no movement even if you’re not as fast…

Making goals is so much easier than doing the work to achieve them, and there’s no one-size-fits-all plan to achieving your goals (or I’m just unaware, please share if you know). As long as you’re honest with yourself and daily committing to pushing and taking steps towards your goal, you’re doing well. If you need some help, you could ask a trusted friend or family member to check up on your progress a certainĀ number of times a week or month. Sometimes knowing you’ll be asked helps you perform, or maybe not, but it’s worth the try.

Most of all, self discipline is essential. Taking time out to do what needs to be done is the only way it’s going to get done. I try to think of what could become of the little steps I’m taking now and that is my motivation to keep going. Imagine the best case scenario if your goals are achieved, the possibilities that might come your way and the impact you can make, it might be a catalyst for your continued progress.

Finally, remember your ‘why’: the reason you’re doing what you’re doing. The passion, the backstory, the point you’re trying to prove, lives you want to help, etc. Your ‘why’ is good motivation for your goals. Never forget it.

It’s good to be back. Cheers to continued consistency and frequent ‘baby’ steps.