I was at the train station one morning a few weeks ago, scheduled to leave at 9:12am on a London Midland train from platform one. A few minutes to the time the train was to arrive, a Virgin train slowly came on the tracks. This was at 9:10am, and a group of about ten people flocked towards the train and one of them (who seemed like their tour guide) tried to open the door- it did not open. After a few seconds of speaking in a foreign language among themselves, they backed away from the train to continue the wait. I looked on the automated information screen and nothing had changed: the ETA of the train was still 9:12am, it was expected to be on time and leave from the same platform.

Later on, I thought about the incident and couldn’t help wonder that a similar thing happens to me sometimes: I know what God has said to and about me, have an idea what it looks like: this future, His wonderful thoughts, the expected end; but I reach out for other things that seem like it because I’m eager, anxious or even desperate to lay hold on that which He has for me. It’s a mixture of anxiety and doubt.

But then I tell myself, if it’s not His ‘train’, the ride will not be the same. Even He said that there will be false prophets (Matthew 7:15) and but to know when it’s Him, we need to stay focused on Him, knowing Him so well so that when He comes, without a shadow of a doubt, we would know to go with Him(Matthew 24:5).

While the Virgin train stalled, I noticed a London Midland train arrive on platform 2. Both platforms 1 and 2 were separated by a landing, think of it as a corridor with train tracks on both sides. It crossed my mind that that might be my train but I needed an instruction before making the assumption, so I stayed put. At 9:11am, there was a message that there had been a platform swap and the train to London would now depart from platform 2. Now I had my instruction! I moved across the platform and entered the train. Not everyone may have seen that instruction and therefore they may not all have got into the right train. Maybe they were so stuck on the fact that they had been told platform 1 earlier and not so accustomed to a change. For some reason, there was a change and this made us move platforms.

In like fashion, the instruction God gives today may not be the same He has for you next week. Constantly listening to Him and being yielded to the Holy Spirit is key. God is not limited. He is sovereign and has over a million ways to get things done.

Always remember,

-God is always speaking, you just need to get quiet before Him to hear.

-He has your best interest at heart-He’s your Father! (Jeremiah 29:11)

-Even when things seem slow or unproductive, know and believe that He is working behind the scenes and will come through for you.


Stay blessed!