I was riding with some friends to the airport about a month ago and we got talking about travelling and trips we had made in the past. We talked about our preferred airlines for domestic and international travel and then got talking about favourite seats.

One of my friends said she preferred the aisle seats because she has long legs and needs the leg room. She also preferred to be disturbed than to disturb others with going through to the bathroom or to stretch.  Another friend riding with us said she preferred the window seat because she liked to look outside and see things plus she could lean against it to sleep. Our friend who was driving chipped in on how amazing first class is because there’s no issue of legroom since there’s adequate space.

My leg-room-loving friend shared an experience where she was upgraded to first class on one of her trips, without paying for it. She got to the airport and asked to check in and was told she was being upgraded. Of course she was happy and pleasantly surprised. On board, she was offered all the perks made available to first class passengers. However, she does not like eating on planes and didn’t take anything but water.

This conversation sparked a thought in my head. Coming to Christ is like getting a first class ticket. Being in Christ, you have access to all the good things that are in Him (2 Pet. 1:3). You have a choice to fully experience and get all of His goodness- all the perks available in first class, or you could scratch the surface like my friend and just taste a little of His power.

It is much more beneficial to tap into all of God because there is so much to Him, so many levels and dimensions. He is inexhaustible. The moment you think you’ve experienced a great thing, He turns another side of Himself to you and shows you that you can’t put Him in a box.

Regardless of where you’ve been, what you’ve gone through or are still going through, God is committed to you; and as hard as that may be for someone to believe, it’s true. He wants you to experience all of Him and He loves you so much (1 John 3:1, John 3:16). Just as you don’t owe the air hostess an explanation as to why you have been upgraded, you don’t owe the devil or anyone an explanation for your life or the choices you’ve made or the fact that Jesus loves you. You just need to believe that He loves you and have faith in the promises He’s made to you.

You can find these promises in His Word and as you meditate on them, you will find it easier to believe them. You have something much better than a first class plane ticket. You have an audience with the King of Kings! What a privilege.



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