I recently viewed a Periscope session by Pastor Bimbo Fola-Alade (@Esthers_company) and she read about Zelophehad’s daughters from Numbers 27:1-10 and raised some prayer points for children from the story. I hope you find them useful and find time to pray them for your children/grandchildren or future children.

It took strength from Zelophehad’s daughters. Women were like chattel in that time, they were not recognised at the time. They were asking to be treated as men, to be valuable, to carry on the name of their father (vs 1).

  • Pray for a spirit of boldness and courage to come upon our children. That strongholds of fear and timidity be removed (2 Tim 1:7)  

The women could have been confined to a life of lack and looking for fulfilment in a husband, but God did not allow that to happen (vs 2).

  • Pray that our daughters will not be limited by societal restrictions, but will be outstanding and take territories. That God will give them a strong sense of self and identity. (Gal 3:23)
  • Pray for a strong sense of natural and spiritual identity that will cause them to thrive and prosper and give their life a direction (vs 3).
  • Pray that our children will lay hold of all that is due to them both naturally and spiritually (vs 4). 

To lay hold of this, the children must know that it is possible to be achieved and that they have access to it or the capacity to get it. As parents, you must know your child’s capability (and in what area- academics, sports, music, etc) and stretch them to reach it.

  • Pray that God will give parents a clear vision for the lives of their children.
  • Pray that the petition of our children will have favour with authority figures and be granted (vs 6).

 It’s not everything that is due to you that you get, you need to claim some things like Zelophehad’s daughters did.

  • Pray that our children will be trailblazers in the field that God has called them to. And they will leave an imprint for their generation.

These are profound declarations which you can speak daily over your children and even over yourself. Your words are powerful and creative: Speak!

Love and hugs,  MBW



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