This is an account of real-life events that occurred on January 13th 2017 in a city called Milton Keynes in the UK. The narrator has provided an excerpt from her journal and given her consent for it to be published. All names used are fictitious, for the purpose of this post, and any similarities are purely coincidental.

For the past two days, I had an excruciating tooth pain. I couldn’t sleep at night and that side of my mouth felt paralyzed. My attempts to call dental clinics were unsuccessful; none could attend to me because I wasn’t registered and/or they had a long waiting list. At this point, I was frustrated and in tears after making so many futile calls. I remembered a prayer from some days before – ‘God is concerned with every area of your life’ – I thought, ”Hmmm really?” But I prayed it anyways, I begged God to take away the pain. I cried, I praised, I prayed this pain away. Yet, it didn’t go.

On the third morning, after speaking to the emergency services, I was told I could get to see a dentist at 6.30pm. This was at 11am. I was broken, I asked God what I did to deserve this. I decided to get some medication from the pharmacy. On the way, I was listening to Travis Greene’s Intentional – ‘all things are working for my good, you don’t have to worry ‘cos it’s working for you’. I waited till 1.45pm to take the medicine and the pain seemed to increase. Ah! Where could I have gone wrong? A friend of mine, Eve, had come to visit and we decided to call the pharmacy again. I explained the situation to them but they said nothing could be given to me except a gel to numb the pain, I got this and applied it. Ten minutes after, the pain was back. The gel didn’t work. At this point, I was just calm.

Around 4pm, the pain increased, in fact that word is too lenient – it intensified. I started crying, begging God to have mercy on me. My friend said we should call the private practice again, they basically shut us down saying they couldn’t do anything. She suggested we go to the practice, since it was just around the corner. When we got there, the receptionist said nothing could be done, I wasn’t registered with the clinic and she couldn’t help me. This was at 4.45pm. Eve pleaded, explaining that I had been in pain for two days and really needed to see the doctor. She apologised that there was nothing she could do. I started crying and begging, for her to just give me something. As I was talking, the emergency service called me to say nothing could be done till 6.30pm as earlier stated.

While I was on the phone, the receptionist, Cassie, walked away to speak to the doctor, explaining the situation and describing how distraught I was. After a few minutes, she came out and said, ”The doctor will see you.” She took my details and led me to his office. Within 30 minutes, he had fixed the issue and I was out (apparently, I had an infection). I thanked Cassie on my way out. , ”Nah”, she replied, ”you’re luckyThe person who had an appointment didn’t turn up that’s why we were able to see you.” I smiled. In my mind, I knew that God had made a way in what seemed to be an impossible one. He came through for me just in time.

This experience gets to me because a tooth is so small but the amount of pain it caused was intense. Also, holding on to the Word that God is interested in all areas of my life because He is my Creator helped me. What others might call luck, I say was a divine coincidence. If God can make a way in such a seemingly small situation, how much more the bigger things? As long as you have God, your ship will never sink. He will always give you testimonies. He is never late, sometimes we’re just too early! When the time is right, He will show up for you.

I learnt so much from this story such as the importance of having a Word and standing on it, the way God can use people to help you and how faith requires you to step out and act. I really hope it encourages someone. Please share your thoughts or what you’ve learnt from this testimony.

Until my next post, stay winning!