I hope you’re good? Thanks to a successful completion of my Law degree (praise God), I had some free time and with it came an opportunity to travel. My destination was Houston, Texas. I had a great time and I’ll share some of what I did while I was there.

I spent 13 days visiting family, relaxing and a lot of window-shopping with some purchases here and there. Someone mentioned that Houston is a ‘foodie town’ and I found that to be true during my stay as I ate out a lot (in my opinion, at least). I tried food, ice cream and doughnuts from a total of 13 places, and no, it wasn’t one a day. Like I said, Houston is a food town, so going out to eat is quite the norm and there’s so much variety.

Thankfully, I had people who are familiar with the area and were able to recommend places to eat. Some of the places I had stuff from were: Cafiza, Snooze (their sweet potato pancakes are so good), Reggae Hut Cafe, Hunky Dory, Shake Shack, Lee’s Fried Chicken, FatCat Creamery, Hugs and Donuts, Kitchen 713 (pause, think back, “bless the  hands of that chef, Lord”), Marble Slab Creamery.

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My cousin, her best friend and I drove to Austin to pick up her siblings and we had some food there too. There was this amazing doughnut place called Gourdoughs …that was the highlight of the Austin trip for me. If you’re ever in Austin, please make it a date. If you have to bookmark this page, it’s worth it 🙂

Gourdough’s Big.Fat.Doughnuts.

I also did some thrifting, which I love to do, affordable clothes are just a delight. Thrifting helps me practice patience and remind myself of the fact that good things are sometimes hidden in unexpected places. I also don’t feel too bad for shopping since the clothes are more affordable than usual.

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Thanks to my adventurous brother, I went indoor skydiving at iFly and it was really exciting. I didn’t anticipate as much wind as I got but if I have the chance, I’ll probably do it again.

On my last day in Houston, I went to the Galleria, my cousin and I went ice skating. It was the first time for both of us but it was a lovely time. The initial plan for the day was to go to Kemah but it rained and that couldn’t happen. My forward thinking sister-in-law suggested going ice-skating and that’s was how we made good use of the day.

Took me holding the rails for a while but I finally made it. Yay!

It was a fun time. I didn’t want to leave, but there’s a time and season for everything, innit? Looking forward to my next travel opportunity.

If you’ve been to Texas before, please share your experiences or any fun spots you visited.

Hugs and love from a satisfied traveler, MBW*


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