I know I may not be enough but still use me
Perfectly flawed, true imperfection, use me still
I have my wrongs, my faults, many reasons why not
Let your heart find a reason to
Use me, Lord

In your service, I don’t feel abused
You do not take my hard work for granted
You encourage me, constantly cheering me on
Even when I make mistakes
You don’t end my time and send me away
Your loving arms embrace me
I absolutely want you to use me*

Have you ever thought about how much people can take advantage of others? How people can ‘use’ people?
This came up in the cause of a conversation and I realised that there are only a few people who could have the chance to use you but decide not to, most other people, if aware of the fact that they can ‘use you’, will take full advantage of it.

A few examples came to mind:
The Employer– If an employer spots an employee who is willing to go the extra mile, work longer hours and give his 130% best to the job, this makes his day. If he knows that this employee will do things on short notice and with the available (though inadequate) resources, he will take advantage of that as well.
If he knows that that employee is likely to overlook the terms of his contract and run personal errands for the employer, he’ll probably be delighted. In the light of these, who do you think the employer will call if he had a deadline to meet but failed to meet it because of his busy weekend in DisneyLand?Yes, this hardworking employee!
The issue for me is the thin line between maximising your employees’ strengths and using them. If they are given more work to do, they should be paid more, that’s only fair but when you make them do four people’s job and you’re ignoring their emails about a salary increase, that’s using them.

The (supposed) Friend– because a real friend will not be a parasite but encourage a symbiotic relationship. A friend is using you when they are gaining things from you that they will not be willing to give in return. Sometimes you may have more emotionally and your friend, academically, and that’s great, as long as you give your best to each other in your areas of strength; but when you pour into someone and they’re not willing to do the same for you, it’s parasitic. It may not be a healthy friendship. Check yaself !
When you can go all out for a person without feeling cheated and have the assurance that you’ll be given similar treatment, were the tables reversed, that’s a healthy relationship and you’re not being used.

The Teacher– We’ve all had that classmate that’s very bright and the teacher loves. I’ve also seen instances where the teacher get a couple of students to do research or write essays in certain subjects which they then use for their own tasks or teaching aids. Why I would term this as using the student is that the teacher most likely won’t give credit to the student because they’ll probably use it to teach other students in the same school. Does that sound like plagiarism to you? It does to me, but we love our teachers and are pleased to help with their research so it’s all good.

The one and only person I know who I’d actually allow to use me anyway possible is:s
The Father – when I think of being used, it means being taken advantage of, or not being given full credit for work done. This is the exact opposite of what Jesus does. He is the rewarded of those who diligently seek Him (). In Exodus 23:25, He says that you will serve and He will bless, pretty symbiotic relationship there, you see?
He does not cheat you, He even looks for opportunities to give to you. He sets before you life and death, but urges you to choose life (Deut 30:19)

His every promise is based on a premise: you do x and I’ll do y. And a lot of the time, x is a smaller deal than y, but He loves us too much to care that His side of the deal is tougher, He’s also the King of Kings so it’s nothing to shim to do what He says.
It’s great to know that service to God is really a benefit to yourself. It a seed that will reap harvest.
When you feel like you’re being stretched, that’s a process of growth, God is grooming you for something even bigger. At the end of the day, you’ll look back and understand. He won’t give you all the pieces of the puzzle at once, you probably won’t be able to handle the magnitude of it. Stay strong, stay in service. God has a plan for you.
If you’re going to break a leg for someone, let it be worth it, as led by God and therefore to His glory.

*The poem was written by Ifeoluwa Gbosi