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Pretty much everything in the world is automated, technology has taken over, everything is instant: text messaging, social media, same-day delivery. There’s hardly any need to wait and no one really wants to. We’re slowly losing the virtue of patience. It’s slightly worrisome because while some results can be achieved instantly, not everything can be a quick fix. I understand that some things should only take 5 minutes, like grabbing a Starbucks but the full benefit of certain things need time to yield, like the development of a baby.

It feels like the ability to wait has been forgotten, and things that come with time are no longer appreciated. For some, waiting in line for the bus is a hassle, the process to rise in career is too long, can’t this process just be sped up? Unfortunately not. Waiting increases your ability to appreciate a thing, many things received on a platter are often taken for granted.

I recently attended a conference aimed to encourage people to live their dreams and a common point the different speakers made was the need for patience in the pursuit of your passion and dreams. They explained that their jobs involved hard work and many of them started out earning little or nothing, but with time and consistency, their businesses grew to the point where they became sought after in their fields. This is something a few people either don’t know or have chosen to ignore: success is a process. That process involves falling, failing, sleepless nights but eventual progress. Behind every success story is years of toil and perseverance, a lot of self-motivation and hard work. Everyone must pay their dues. No one rises without first serving, observing and learning from those ahead of them in the industry.

Today, we admire certain individuals but none of them just sat and made money or impact instantly, they worked hard, pushed through challenges and consistently found ways to do something great with their gifts and skills and evolved over time. What are you doing with your skills and talents? Waiting for a miracle or putting effort daily to ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

I hope that someone will not misunderstand my argument and take it to mean sit on your butt and wait because you want to practice patience. No. Patience is not the lack of action, it is consistent action, with the awareness that the result may not be apparent immediately and an appreciation of that knowledge. (Aye! Sounds like a quotable quote, no?)

Here are some quotes from individuals of repute on this subject:

Why is patience so important? Because it makes us pay attention.” – Paulo Coelho

Patience is a conquering virtue.”- Geoffrey Chaucer

Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”- Moliere

Hasty climbers have sudden falls.”- Robert Greene

I really hope this helps you appreciate your waiting process, if you’re in one right now and challenges your mindset or thought patterns towards this subject. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

P.S- Have you seen the latest King Women interview? It underscores the need for patience. Watch it here.

Have a great day!