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Am I the only one that feels like we exchanged Happy New Year greetings just yesterday? How is it June already? Well, it’s here and we’ve got to make the best use of it!

For some, it’s been a great year filled with pleasant surprises and things going up, up, up. For others, it’s not been as good as expected, maybe a sudden death, relationship issues or just unexpected incidents you didn’t bargain for. Either way, you’re alive! So you’re still in the running to have a successful life.

No one has life easy, no one sails through, even the most wealthy people face challenges, but what separates the men from the boys is a heart that peseveres, one that chooses to keep pushing through, against all odds.

2017 might seem like it’s just starting for you, but it’s better late than never. This June, I encourage you to put your best foot forward. Regardless of what you get paid, give your job your best, add value to your team. If you’re in school, go the extra mile in your reading time and knock those tests out! If you’re volunteering or interning, make sure you prove yourself in the tasks you’re given so much that your line manager speaks highly of you. If you run your own business, take the next bold step for your business, make your business portfolio worthy of an investor’s attention.
Whatever you do, give it your best. Excellence is key, even in the little things.

Have a great month. Remember to put your best food forward.