Daily Archives: 18/09/2018

Quick Update

Hi lovelies, I hope you’re doing well?

Yay! My exams are over. To be honest, they have been over for almost five weeks now. Forgive me people, I’ve been “busy”. Exams ended and then there were things to do, places to go and people to see, aka I had to go home and see my parents. And blogger’s block made an appearance too! Maybe the creative part of my mind was on hibernate thanks to exam preps. But I’m back and hopefully will churn out some good stuff before the end of the year.

Now that I say it, we have only three full months till the end of the year. For anyone who may have given up or the year so far has not been gold and roses like you expected, please don’t give up. A lot can happen in three months. God does not dwell in time, He’s the Creator of time and nothing is impossible with Him. Trust Him an His timing for you and remember that He’s working everything out for your good. If you could figure God out completely, He won’t be God anymore. Everything will be fine. Just believe that.